Fix and Flip Financing

Financing for Property Flippers

If you want to purchase and renovate property to turn fixer-upper houses into a sizable profit, you need the right financing. Leading Edge Commercial Capital, LLC provides fix and flip financing to both new and experienced real estate investors.

Fix and Flip Lines of Credit

Lines of credit are great for investors who want to work with multiple properties at once. Our lines of credit allow you to finance renovations at more than 1,500 properties with 90% financing for the purchase price. The loan periods last for two years and cover 95% of the costs of renovation. Low interest rates and loan amounts of up to $10 million make this financial solution beneficial.

Fix and Flip Loans

Like lines of credit, fix and flip loans come with 24-month periods. You stand to receive up to $5 million, and the loan covers 85% of the purchase price and 100% of the cost of renovation. Closing takes place in as little as 10 days after application.

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Fix and flip financing from Leading Edge Commercial Capital, LLC is ideal for purchasing and renovating property to sell at a profit. Contact us today to learn more about this avenue of financing and determine if it can help you reach your investment goals.