Coordinating Your Content and PPC Strategies

Coordinating Your Content and PPC Strategies

Digital marketing is vital to business success today, and most companies, small and large, are searching for ways to streamline their strategies so the different aspects, from content marketing to PPC advertising, can support one another. These are some tips for coordinating your digital marketing assets.

Consider the Entire Sales Funnel

Like many companies, you are probably looking for a high return on your advertising investments. This often means that you compare what you spend to the increase in your revenue, which can cause you to focus entirely on sales.

However, many consumers won’t make a purchase the first time they see a website even if they need the product or service being offered. Therefore, you need to consider the entire sales funnel, awareness, interest, decision, and action, when you design your content and paid advertising campaigns. Set goals outside of revenue, such as brand exposure, time on the website, content feedback, and email or newsletter subscriptions. The more traffic you can drive to your website, the greater your revenue potential, and if you can drive the same potential customer to your website multiple times, you have a greater chance of converting them.

Build Relevant Content

Focus on what your users are interested in when you create your content and paid advertising campaigns. Therefore, you should research keywords before you do any creation. Find out what your target customers are searching for and why. Search for common questions that relate to your industry, products, or services. Find out the search volume for specific keywords and phrases as well as those that are related to these terms. In addition, learn about the cost you will pay for each keyword. Find out what your competition is doing and the phrases they are targeting.

Then, base your content and ads on keywords with the highest clickthrough rate. However, look for alternatives that are lower cost but still produce high response rates if your budget is restricted.

Customize and Segment Your Content and Marketing

You may think that you will get a greater number of responses from general or broad ads and content. However, this is not typically the case. Instead, you should have a clearly defined target market and understand exactly what these individuals are looking for. Then, target your advertising based on location, device, budget, time, and keywords.

Choose Your Promotion Content

The content you promote will depend largely on your goals. For example, if you want significant email signups, you may promote guides and demonstrations, especially those with attached videos. However, include calls to action in the content to encourage purchases and subscriptions.

High-quality content is the basis of successful PPC advertising. Contact Leading Edge Commercial Capital today to see how we can optimize your content and create a robust PPC strategy.