How Does Sale Leaseback Financing Work?

How Does Sale Leaseback Financing Work?

Sale-leaseback financing is a popular financial strategy that allows companies to unlock the value of their existing assets and use them as collateral for additional capital. This type of financing involves an owner selling a property or equipment to a third party, then leasing it back from the same party to continue using it. It can be used by businesses looking for short-term cash flow relief or long-term asset optimization.

What Is Sale Leaseback Financing?

By capitalizing on existing assets, a business can quickly access necessary funds without taking out loans or selling equity. This type of financing also allows businesses to maintain ownership and control over their assets while freeing up cash for other purposes. In addition, the flexibility of sale-leaseback financing allows businesses to customize their payment structure to match their cash flow needs.

In a typical sale-leaseback scenario, the buyer purchases the asset outright and takes legal ownership of it. The business then leases the asset back from the buyer on terms that meet its specific financial requirements. This can include a fixed or variable monthly payment, as well as restrictions on how the asset can be used. Once the lease term is complete, ownership of the asset returns to the business.


Finally, there are several advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding if sale-leaseback financing is right for your business. On one hand, it allows businesses to free up cash that can be used for operations or investments. On the other hand, if market conditions change and the asset’s value decreases, it may become more difficult to refinance the loan. Additionally, there are costs associated with sale-leaseback financing such as taxes, fees, and interest payments.

Overall, sale-leaseback financing can be a great way for businesses to access necessary funds while retaining ownership and control of their assets. Careful consideration should be taken when evaluating the pros and cons of this type of financing, as well as exploring other available financing options. If want to unlock capital from your equipment without divesting, contact Leading Edge Commercial Capital today to learn about our sale-leaseback program.